Friday, March 9, 2007

Please pray....

My aunt who I am very close with emailed me today and her ex-husband (father of her 2 boys) had a stroke on Saturday. The unfortunate thing is that he lives alone and was not found until yesterday. So 5 days of being on his living room floor with no food or water and his brain not functioning properly. He is paralyzed on his left side and has some brain damage. They don't know if he will recover and if he does his mobility will be limited.

It is really hard on my cousins right now. Robbie is 19 and Ted is 17. Robbie is his "next of kin" if something happens and that is a lot to put on a 19 year old. They are all a little overwhelmed and sad right now. He needs a healing and we know that God can provide that. Please pray for my uncle Jeff as I still think of him as that! He is only 47 and he needs a miracle!

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