Friday, February 23, 2007

Random Things....

Sheesh I have barely posted this week. There are days that my mind is running a million miles a minute and other days, where things are calm and collected. This has been one of those weeks. Maybe it is the Prednisone, maybe it is that I am finally feeling better, maybe it is that we got good news about our taxes, who knows, but it has been a light week mentally - thank you Jesus!

Tonight Julianna is spending her first night away from home. We have had a couple of rough weeks with her not wanting to sleep, so my parents have graciously offered to take her for the night, so we can get some rest. It will be hard to leave her, but knowing that we have a whole night of uniterrupted sleep ahead of us makes it a little easier. :o) We were going to take the night to just be alone, but we decided to dedicate the night to Mary. We haven't had her in a couple of weeks dues to sickness and her cousins visiting, so we thought a night alone with just her and attention on just her would be just what she needed. So we rented "Flushed Away", Drew is making homemade pizza and Mary and I are going to make her favorite - Jell-O cake and we are going to relax - just the three of us. I am really looking forward to it and I think it means alot to Mary that we are spending this time with her.

Tomorrow we are going wedding dress shopping with my little sister Courtney. Still can't believe she is getting married. She will always be my "Baby" sister! I think it will be fun. Of course Jules and Mary are both in the wedding, so it will be fun to look at dresses for them too.
Drew and I did our taxes this week and got a nice surprise. In 2005 I didn't have enough taken out of my checks at Carpet One, so we ended up owing over $3600 - Ahhh!!! It was brutal, but we set up a payment plan and have been paying the IRS every month (same with State), well in 2006 - after changing jobs and being on maternity leave for 10 weeks (with no pay), we fell into a different tax bracket, we had a baby, we get to claim Mary, we have been in our house for over a year etc - our taxes were a little different. We are actually getting back almost exactly what we owe to Federal and more than what we owe to State. So we will be paid up with both, that will save us $150 in payments each month and we are getting back a little extra. It was such a relief and blessing! Again - thank you Jesus!

On a completely different note - you all know how I LOVE jewelry - that is why I am starting my Lia Sophia business (first show is tomorrow!!), however I love all kinds of jewelry. I found this website this week and can't stop looking at it. Their pieces are gorgeous and SO affordable.
I can't wait until I have a little extra $$ from my Lia Sophia business so I can indulge in my jewelry obsession.....and maybe in my shoe and purse obsession as well!

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