Monday, February 5, 2007

Good dose of preachin'.....

So due to the holidays, family events and a MAJOR dose of sickness in our house, we had not been to church in (I hate to even type it) 6 WEEKS!!!!! Ugh!

So we were excited to finally have a sick-free weekend and to be able to attend yesterday.

The message was wonderful! Pastor Josh was doing a sermon on baggage and the baggage that we carry in our lives day to day. Boy, was it what we needed to hear. Drew and I were both poking and looking at each other all through the sermon! Drew and I both have troubles with our self-esteem, even though we both think the other is the most amazing person in the world. P. Josh's message really helped us look at why we feel that way and what "baggage" we are keeping with us all these years. We are both vowing to work harder on our negative self-image and to not make so many hard comments about ourselves.

Of course I was totally poking Drew and looking at him when Josh talked about finances and being frugal - (running around the house turning off lights etc.) Drew does that so much, I want to scream! I just get the look and know that somewhere, somehow I have left a light on and I need to go turn it off. You would think that after almost 3 years of marriage I would get it, but I am getting better. And in my husbands defense, our budget billing did go down, $50 this year, so he was pretty proud about that (and so am I)!!!!

So we had a great day yesterady - amazing how wonderful you feel after being refreshed by God and his followers. Made me think, maybe I should have gone while I had pneumonia, maybe I would have healed faster!!!!

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